Meet the real me!

I am a 3D Artist with a focus on modeling and texturing. I am passionate for the arts and a creative person that is eager to learn and evolve in the different branches of visual arts. I have close to 9 years of work experience in the advertising and gaming industry. I recently moved to the U.S. and I’m looking to expand my knowledge and work in the Cinema and Video game Industry.

I am passionate for creating from photo-realistic to stylized characters/worlds and contribute to games, TV spots and film. My background is traditional painting, from color pencils, to oils, acrylics, and clay. I started studying 3D at Westbridge and later studied abroad, graduating in Game Art & Design at Vanarts, Canada. I started my career as a 3D Character Artist for video games at EA Canada. Later on I contributed to various types of projects, from the triple A game Fight Night Champion, to very different styles of advertising spots and film, working for several studios such as Rainmaker, Gizmo, Drab, Remo, 3dar and others.

I’m currently working on my own projects, and I’m also looking for opportunities that would enrich my experience and provide a challenge, as well as becoming part of a great team.

If you think I may be great for a project, feel free to contact me at:


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