Hi There! This was when I worked for Drab. This add is for the cable company Cablevision, promoting its services on HD.

The project consisted on creating cut scenes from a movie/TV show where the camera zooms in to objects on a shot, showing high details that would only be visible in  Cablevision HD, and from those zoom-ins, transition to another TV show footage available in HD.

I modeled and textured several items for this add.


cubeBulletpoint Modeled some zombies and the rescue rope ladder in Maya

cubeBulletpoint Modeled and textured the turtle in Zbrush.

cubeBulletpoint Extracted normals from the high res turtle in Xnormal.

cubeBulletpoint Painted textures maps and finalizing normal maps of the rescue rope ladder, bullets, zombie, Game Of Thrones helmet (4K maps) and turtle in Photoshop.

cubeBulletpoint Started modeling Humpback whale in Zbrush (it was not needed to produce one of the transitions)

Crits and comments are always welcome! Thanks for reading!

  • World War Z recreated frame

  • Recreated helmet from GOT

  • Zoom to GOT helmet (4K maps of needed areas) for transition to turtle shell.

  • Recreated turtle scene for Discovery Theater

  • WIP | Not used in add

  • WIP | Not used in add

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