This project produced by ESTILO, was for Cinemark, which was used in movie theaters in Latin America before the feature film. This was a nice project to work on, since my husband, Facundo Orzabal, and I worked on this together. He modeled the environments and props. I modeled the characters besides the two main characters. Unfortunately I wasn’t available when they requested me to model the main characters.

All the secondary characters had to use the same mesh for the body and eyes without modifying the vertex order and perfectly symmetrical, because Assembly needed the secondary characters to share the same mesh in order to save time for rigging and animation. The only things that were unique to each character, were some of the clothes.

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cubeBulletpoint Modeled blendshapeable characters in Maya.

cubeBulletpoint High poly sculpt in Zbrush for each characters clothes.

cubeBulletpoint Normal map generated in xNormal

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  • anciano_grey

  • anciano_wire

  • anciana_grey

  • anciana_wire

  • papa_grey

  • papa_wire

  • nene_grey

  • nene_wire

  • mujerPants_grey

  • mujerPants_wire

  • hombreLentes_grey

  • hombreLentes_wire

  • hombreChaleco_grey

  • hombreChaleco_wire

  • Cinemark_01

  • Cinemark_02

  • Cinemark_03

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