This was a freelance job I worked with Gizmo. The project was for the release trailer of the videogame Elite: Dangerous.

I was responsible for modeling and texturing the huge asteroid. Since it was too large, It had to be mapped in 12 UV tiles. It was also gonna be used in separate pieces to create the other smaller asteroids.

With the great work from Gizmo, they made the asteroids look amazing, enhancing the textures and with great lighting and shading! I love how they made it turn out.


cubeBulletpoint Modeling High detail in Zbrush.

cubeBulletpoint Decimated and Retopo in Zbrush.

cubeBulletpoint Final clean up for UV´s and topology in Maya.

cubeBulletpoint Textured with polypaint and extraction of normal and displacement maps in Zbrush.

cubeBulletpoint Retouching and finalized textures in Photoshop.

Crits and comments are always welcome! Thanks for reading!

  • Modeled and textured Asteroid. Frame from the final comp.

  • Grey and Wire

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