This freelance project was a bit odd. The client needed a final render where I had to create a car model resembling a uterus, where the style had to replicate a medical anatomical model. The message was that The Traverse GM car was as safe as a nurturing mother’s womb.

I modeled this having in mind that the client could ask for the separate pieces of the model to be shown, or slightly shifted from the original position (as if it was a puzzle being put back together). But in the end they just needed it all in it’s place. Which is why I deleted some of the concave faces of some of it´s pieces. Also, the client needed very high resolution render passes in order for them to edit the final comp to their needs. The final image would be used for street advertising boards. I don’t think it got used in the end, but it was a project I had to do kind of quickly.

I do not show the wire frame of this piece, since it is quite dense, especially the the “womb” parts. And it wasn’t going to be moving at all, it just needed to look good from one angle for the final image.


cubeBulletpoint Painted concept art, based on client’s references, in Photoshop.

cubeBulletpoint Basemesh for the babies modeled in Maya.

cubeBulletpoint Remodeling silhouetting and anatomy of babies in Zbrush.

cubeBulletpoint All anatomical model pieces made with Shadowbox and Dynamesh in Zbrush.

cubeBulletpoint Lowered resolution with Decimation Master in Zbrush.

cubeBulletpoint Poly painted base textures in Zbrush.

cubeBulletpoint Render passes with Vray in Maya.

cubeBulletpoint Final textures and compositing of beauty shot in Photoshop.

Feel free to send some crits and comments about this project, are always welcome. Thanks for reading!

  • Final Comped Render.

  • Design Sketch

    Quick sketch to finalize and flesh out the client's idea.

  • Uterus Grey

  • Display of pieces in color and grey

    Display of pieces in color and grey

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