I had the pleasure of working with Assembly3D for some of projects. The project was brought to Assembly3D by Reino. We created two animals for two different commercials for the beverage Twister.

For this commercial I got to model and texture a realistic elephant.


cubeBulletpoint Basemesh modeled in Maya

cubeBulletpoint High poly sculpt and maps extraction in Zbrush

cubeBulletpoint Normal map generated in xNormal

cubeBulletpoint Painted textures and polished Normal and Displacement maps in Photoshop

Thanks for reading!

  • Elephant Wireframe Turntable

  • Elephant Zbrush Sculpt

  • Elephant Textures

  • Twister Elefante Screencapture

  • Twister Elefante screencapture

  • Twister Elefante screencapture

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