I was finally able to finish up this personal project i left behing a long time ago. I did Bobby Chiu’s version of Patrick Morgan’s “Whaleboy”. You can see Bobby’s concept here.

 I’ve always admired Bobby’s great ideas for characters, and of course, his incredible talent to project his ideas into an image, which made me want to recreate one of his artwork in 3D. I may attempt to do another one of his characters later on.


cubeBulletpoint Basemesh modeled in Maya.

cubeBulletpoint Hi-res model and base texturing in ZBrush.

cubeBulletpoint Rendered with Vray.

cubeBulletpoint Textures and Comp in Photoshop.

I hope you like it. Comments and crits are welcome.

Thanks for reading!

  • whaleboy_beauty

  • Whaleboy_Highres

  • Turntable_whaleboy

  • pose-Grey-Wire-Final

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